The History of Spring Break

From a backyard art project.
To a small studio in Portland, OR.
To the CAPiTA Mothership Factory in Austria...

Spiring Break's goal wasn't to re-invent snowboarding... but it did.

Spring Break Snowboards was conceptualized in 2010 by artist/snowboarder Corey Smith and friends. Our vision was to create an art project in the form of a fictional snowboard company with zero creative boundaries. At the height of homogenized twin-tip snowboard design, Spring Break set out to deconstruct modern snowboarding and re-introduce the beauty of the sport through its surf style roots. The focus was to find grace in simply turning a snowboard and explore the mountain from an entirely different perspective.

Pure artistic and creative expression...

Today Spring Break is revered as one of the most important cultural movements within snowboarding and has been featured in nearly all snowboard media outlets worldwide. The Project aims to inspire snowboarders of all styles and ability by paying homage to it’s rich cultural history. Spring Break is about celebrating the pure artistic and creative expression that is snowboarding through our handmade one-of-a-kind primitive snowboards. Since its inception Spring Break has created countless experimental powder specific shapes. These simultaneously modern and anachronistic snowboards blur the lines between the functional and purely conceptual.

Spring Break is now produced at the greatest factory in the world.

Beginning in 2013 Spring Break has worked closely in collaboration with CAPiTA Snowboards to create some of the most unique production snowboards in the world. Working together to push the limits of what is possible in snowboard manufacturing at their state-of-the-art zero emission, hydroelectric facility The Mothership Factory, in Feistritz an der Gail, Austria.

"A soulful trip to the early days of snowboarding"

"one of the raddest brands in snowboarding"

"returning snowboarding to its most basic, creativity-driven roots to bring fun back front and center."

Innovation Award: "FUS3D and surf-lite core technology for 2019 Spring Break Line"